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My images are intended to stimulate thoughts, questions, ideas. Every idea that is brought to them by the viewer expands their meaning. I invite comments from viewers so that I can experience the ever-growing meanings of my work.

I began drawing lessons with my artist mother when I was three; it was my first love throughout childhood and teen years. In adulthood, in the 1970s I worked in the medium of ink and graphite drawings; in the 1980s I concentrated in woodblock prints; in the 1990s it was colored pencils; and in the 2000s I moved into digital imagery.

I collected photos in my teen years, from magazines and newspapers and got my first Brownie camera at the age of 10. I continued collecting images and taking photos avidly and with the advent of scanning, Google, and the digital camera, my collecting went into super overdrive. I've also experimented with scanning small objects on my flat-bed scanner for some effects rather than photographing them.

My digital images are constructed from my collections of images. Multiple photos are used to achieve the image I am seeing in my mind. Although some of the figures are used in essentially their original form, with modifications to make them as I imagine them, most of my figures are created from several different photographs. The face or head will come from one photo, the arms from another, the legs from another, hands, feet and torso likewise.

I also scanned all of my drawings and woodcuts for preservation. Then in recent years I've begun decomposing them and recombining the various pieces digitally into new digital art pieces.

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